GILBERT M. GAUL was a reporter for The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and other newspapers in a distinguished career spanning more than 35 years. He is the author of three other works of nonfiction, including the award-winning Giant Steps; Free Ride: the Tax-Exempt Economy and Crisis on the Coast.

Gil has twice been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, first for Investigative Reporting in 1979 for newspaper series on the collapse of the largest anthracite coal company in the nation and the secret involvement of former Teamsters’ boss Jimmy Hoffa, and again in 1990 for Public Service for a series on safety flaws in the nation’s blood supply and the unregulated brokering of human blood. That series was also named a Pulitzer finalist in the National Reporting category.

Gil has been short-listed for the Pulitzer on three other occasions. In 1994, he was a finalist in National Reporting for a groundbreaking series on the explosive growth of the nonprofit sector – a series that was awarded the prestigious Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting by Harvard University. In 2001, he was named a Pulitzer finalist in National Reporting for a series on college sports. And in 2007, he was a finalist in Public Service for a series examining $15 billion in waste in the Department of Agriculture’s massive farm subsidy program. In 2002, Gil was also part of a large team at the Washington Post that was named a Pulitzer finalist for reporting on the September 2011 terrorist attacks.

Gil was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, where he studied business and economics. In 2004, he was a Ferris Fellow at Princeton University, leading a seminar on investigative journalism and long-form storytelling.

In high school and college, Gil was a champion javelin thrower and set school records. He is now an avid surfer and owns three surfboards. His wife Cathy is a 3-D art teacher in middle school. They have two grown sons, Greg and Cary, and two wonderful and surprising grandchildren, Xander and Violet Jane. The Gauls live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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