the Wall Street Journal has a nice story today about how auburn's athletic officials pressured the university to keep a major that almost no one else was interested in except athletes.

Who knew so many football players wanted to work in Government?

Well, actually, I did. In BILLION-DOLLAR BALL, I show the lengths many of the elite football programs go to to keep players on the field -- waking them up for class; following them around campus to make sure they attend those classes, spending millions and millions on Academic Support Programs with tutors, learning specialists, psychologists, life skills coaches, and so on forth, services, which by the way, aren't available for regular students, and pushing athletes into easy majors that require far less work than real majors.

Clustering in easy majors is a longstanding problem at the football powers, yet the presidents and the big super conferences refuse to deal with it. That's how you end up with 40 or even 50% of the football players majoring in agriculture development, sociology and public administration.